Highly Recommended: Kras Croatian Chocolate!

Kras Croatian chocolate


My friend Ines Stefanovic (check out her perfume and other goodies blog All I Am – A Redhead) recently sent me a box full of Croatian chocolates made by the Zagreb-based food company Kraš. I am American and have Taurus in my chart, so opening a package of never-before-tasted chocolates was a little like opening a present on Christmas morning. Since everyone everywhere always likes to see someone give a shout-out to their hometown/country, I thought I’d do a brief review.


I was sent five different candies: Continue reading “Highly Recommended: Kras Croatian Chocolate!”

Astro Space Weather: June 2017

Horoscope forecasts predictions June 2017


The month of June is one of the astrological bright spots of the year. For most of the month, Mercury will be in Gemini and Venus in Taurus – both planets in domicile or in the signs they govern. The planets of love and communication are at home!


This represents a clean sweep new feeling in areas of life where talking about things that matter are concerned. Connecting the dots in love and money matters should come easier.


Mars will also be in Cancer most of the month – a sign Mars is not particularly comfortable with. While some things will be appearing to run along smoothly, now and again expect sudden moodiness, passive aggressive behavior and shirking of responsibility.


Here’s the weekly outlook: Continue reading “Astro Space Weather: June 2017”