The Astrology Behind Bob Dylan’s Transfiguration

bob Dylan astrology transfiguration gilded splintersThe way we all learn astrology is by watching it in action, and by studying it in retrospect in people’s lives. You’ll read a lot about the North and South Nodes in relation to a person’s mission statement in this life – and a great example of this in action is the transfiguration moment in Bob Dylan’s life. Continue reading “The Astrology Behind Bob Dylan’s Transfiguration”

Full Moon In Sagittarius June 9th, 2017: Telling Shit From Shinola

Full Moon Sagittarius June 2017 astrology
Art by Michael Dandley

The old-timers will remember this saying: “you don’t know your shit from Shinola and that’s why your shoes don’t shine”. That’s the essence of the Full Moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius on June 9th (8:10 AM CST). Sagittarius is the sign of truth-telling -or the lack thereof- and the Full Moon in Sadge will be sextile its own ruling planet Jupiter, the planet of broadcasting information long distance. Question to ask ourselves at this Full Moon: what’s your broadcast? Who’s broadcast should you be tuning in to and who should you be tuning out? Continue reading “Full Moon In Sagittarius June 9th, 2017: Telling Shit From Shinola”