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Hi, I’m Victaria and I’d love to be your astrologer!


I’m quick and to the point, practicing astrology from a down to earth perspective that’s applicable in everyday life. I live in the real world, have worked blue collar jobs and use astrology to help realistic people with real life issues. As for my credentials, knowledge and experience, you’ll find it in my writing on Gilded Splinters. My style and approach is laid bare on the blog.


I do not believe in past lives so I can’t help anyone there, I’m focused on helping people in this life. I try not to let any other belief system or school of thought interfere with the readings; I let astrology speak for itself.


In readings, I use the natal chart as the framework of course; predictive tools include secondary progressions, solar returns, transits and eclipses. I use both synastry and composite for relationships readings. I fit as much as I can of all these into each reading based on the length of the reading. I try to get to the heart of matters and not get lost in unnecessary or trivial peripherals.


I use western tropical astrology, Placidus house only. I can read for more than one person and I also do readings as gifts to others.


All phone calls are recorded and sent as an mp4 after the reading. The written reading is sent via email as a pdf file. Turnaround time for readings can vary, between 24 hours later up to 10 days later depending on any number of variables at that moment in time. If time is of the essence or you have any other questions before purchasing a reading, please contact me here.


(Please note that I’m not available for readings until January 2018.)

60 Minute Phone Consultation – $85


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90 Minute Phone Consultation – $110


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30 Minute Written Consultation – $55


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I look forward to getting to know you!


– Victaria