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Lunar Almanac 2017-2018

This is a time, date and degree reference for the major lunar cycles of 2017 and 2018. Included are Full and New Moons as well as the eclipses. All times given are Central Standard Time, so adust accordingly.


2017 ~ 


January 12th: Full Moon 22 degrees Cancer, 5:34 A.M.
January 27th: New Moon 8 degrees Aquarius, 6:07 P.M.
February 10th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 degrees Leo, 6:33 P.M.
February 26th: New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 degrees Pisces, 8:58 A.M.
March 12th: Full Moon 22 degrees Virgo, 9:54 A.M.
March 27th: New Moon 7 degrees Aries, 9:57 P.M.
April 10th/11th: Full Moon 21 degrees Libra, 1:08 A.M.
April 26th: New Moon 6 degrees Taurus, 7:16 A.M.
May 10th: Full Moon 20 degrees Scorpio, 4:42 P.M.
May 25th: New Moon 4 degrees Gemini, 2:44 P.M.
June 9th: Full Moon 18 degrees Sagittarius, 8:10 A.M.
June 23rd: New Moon 2 degrees Cancer, 9:31 P.M.
July 8th/9th: Full Moon 17 degrees Capricorn, 11:07 P.M.
July 23rd: New Moon 0 degrees Leo, 4:46 A.M.
August 7th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius, 1:11 P.M.
August 21st: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 28 degrees Leo, 1:30 P.M. (aka “The Great American Eclipse”)
September 5th/6th: Full Moon 13 degrees Pisces, 2:03 A.M.
September 19th/20th: New Moon 27 degrees Virgo, 0:30 A.M.
October 5th: Full Moon 12 degrees Aries, 1:40 P.M.
October 19th: New Moon 26 degrees Libra, 2:12 PM.
November 3rd/4th: Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus, 0:23 A.M
November 18th: New Moon 26 degrees Scorpio, 5:42 A.M.
December 3rd: Full Moon 11 degrees Gemini, 9:47 A.M.
December 17th/18th: New Moon 26 degrees Sagittarius, 0:30 A.M.


2018 ~ 


January 1st: Full Moon 11 degrees Cancer, 8:24 PM
January 16th: New Moon 26 degrees Capricorn, 8:17 PM
January 31st: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11 degrees Leo, 7:27 AM
February 15th: New Moon Solar Eclipse 27 degrees Aquarius, 3:05 PM
March 1st: Full Moon 11 degrees Virgo, 6:51 PM
March 17th: New Moon 26 degrees Pisces, 8:12 AM
March 31st: Full Moon 10 degrees Libra, 7:37 AM
April 15th: New Moon 26 degrees Aries, 8:57 PM
April 29th: Full Moon 9 degrees Scorpio, 7:58 PM
May 15th: New Moon 24 degrees Taurus, 6:48 AM
May 29th: Full Moon 8 degrees Sagittarius, 9:20 AM
June 13th: New Moon 22 degrees Gemini, 2:43 PM
June 27th: Full Moon 6 degrees Capricorn, 11:53 PM
July 12th: New Moon Solar Eclipse 20 degrees Cancer, 9:48 PM
July 27th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4 degrees Aquarius, 3:20 PM
August 11th: New Moon Solar Eclipse 18 degrees Leo, 4:58 AM
August 26th: Full Moon 3 degrees Pisces, 6:56 AM
September 9th: New Moon 17 degrees Virgo, 1:01 PM
September 24th: Full Moon 1 degree Aries, 9:52 PM
October 8th: New Moon 15 degrees Libra, 10:47 PM
October 24th: Full Moon 1 degree Taurus, 11:45 AM
November 7th: New Moon 15 degrees Scorpio, 10:02 AM
November 22nd: Full Moon 0 degrees Gemini, 11:39 PM
December 7th: New Moon 15 degrees Sagittarius, 1:20 AM
December 22nd: Full Moon 0 degrees Cancer, 11:49 AM


One thought on “Lunar Almanac 2017-2018

  1. Jan 31 is my birthday. I see that not only will it be the FIRST of TWO blue moons this year (the second is Mar 31!) but there will also be a lunar eclipse as well. Is this foreboding or a chance for change?

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