Ask An Astrologer!

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Have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask a professional astrologer? Here at Gilded Splinters Astrology, I’m taking your requests and playing them live!


I’m always happy to write for a real audience about real life issues. If you’d like to pick my brain and get my take on astrology-related subjects, leave your question below in the comments section. If and when I write a reply post to your comment, I’ll link it below your comment. I’ll do the write up as fast as I’m able but please be patient!


This is NOT an opportunity to get a free chart reading. If your question involves specifics of your individual chart or your individual situations only, I won’t respond. Do not leave any birth data in the comments section. I do not do free astrology readings. (Click here if you’d like to schedule a reading with me!)


What I will answer are questions that will be of interest to a wide variety of astrology fans. So, while I’ll answer specific questions they must also in some way serve as a teaching moment for others who are reading.


I won’t respond to questions about why you can’t get the job or partner of your dreams. I will answer questions about astrology itself, give you my personal take on both popular and obscure astrology subjects, give you my personal experience with astrology in action. I’ll write about topical issues and notable people, and appreciate both well known and less frequently noticed things/people/events etc. being brought to my attention. The more interesting the question, the more likely it is I’ll answer it in the form of a blog post.


What is it about astrology that you’d like to know but haven’t found a satisfactory answer to? What or who would you like a more in-depth look at?


– Victaria


2 thoughts on “Ask An Astrologer!

  1. From your experiences working w/ clients, which transits seem to be most difficult? I have come up w/ my own personal transits of misery, but wondered about the general consensus on this one. I suppose it depends on one’s natal aspects, too.

  2. I have always wondered why astrologers believe astrology predictions sometimes are so accurate, and at other times the predictions are totally wrong? Is it the astrologers fault for reading the skies wrong? Or, did the skies fail to deliver on the promises?

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