Not me but I damn sure wish it were. A good friend made it for me.


If there were really such a thing as a spirit animal, Dr. John would be mine. The name Gilded Splinters is my way of paying homage to the musical medicine man. From the liner notes of “I Walk On Guilded Splinters“:


“Dr. John, he was very much interested in metaphysics… In voodoo they call the gilded splinters the points of a planet. Mystically they appear like little gilded splinters, like little gold, like fire that holds still. They’re different strengths at different times. I guess it ties in with astrology, and influence the energy. That’s what that’s about.”


Like fire that holds still. That’d be relevant to the North Node in Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus that guided the founding of this site.


My taste in music is eclectic – everything from psychobilly to ska, Ian Dury to Donna Summer and Kylie Minogue, Link Wray and Captain Beefheart to Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Similarly, I’m eclectic in my spiritual beliefs. Was raised in the Bible Belt and do still read my Bible, though I view it more as a mystical occult text not unlike a grimoire than as a book of dogma to thump. I’ve flirted with other esoteric schools and taken something from all of them, but ultimately I remain independent, anarchic and eclectic – in astrology, in beliefs, in politics as well as in music.



I started reading quite traditional, old school astrology texts before diving into modern psychological and hippy-dippy astrology tomes. Here, too, I borrow something from each school and make my own gumbo with it.


There’s more, but that’s all you need to know right there – for now. I’m friendly and don’t bite so if you have any questions, just ask!


– Victaria



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow ! Walk on gilded splinters ! Great name. A phrase so new to me in this form and yet it also sounds strangely familiar. Reminds me of an artist I met in Joburg, South Africa in 1978. I was there as an assistant to the playwright of the 1960s all black South African hit musical King Kong in the hope of a revival, which has only now this year finally being achieved.
    This artist, a white South African, was a pointillist, expert at creating fabulous huge wall paintings made up of millions and millions of tiny pointed brush dabs of highly coloured paint. They made no sense at all to the immediate eye until they were finished and one stood back to view them from a distance. She was also the first ever white woman to have successfully been accepted into training with the head witch doctor of the Zulu. This experience taught me that however much you think you may be seeing the entire picture in your life, from a different perspective, given the passage of time, there will always be an entirely new way of viewing it.
    Isn’t life weird..?

    1. That’s just an amazing synchronicity. Reminds me that all life is a pattern repeating itself in different forms. Should you ever cross paths with that artist again (life IS weird, so don’t rule it out) you’ll definitely need to play her the song written about her in a different time and place.

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