New Moon In Libra October 19th, 2017: Wild Fun!

New Moon Libra October 19

Well, how about some good lunar weather for a change? The New Moon at 26 degrees Libra on Thursday, October 19th (2:12 PM CST) looks pretty to me! The New Moon will be widely conjunct Mercury at 3 Scorpio and Jupiter at 2 degrees Scorpio. This is the first New Moon to aspect Jupiter in Scorpio, and the lunar cycles sensitize us to bigger shifts, so familiarize yourself with what Jupiter in Scorpio is all about.


You’ll probably read elsewhere some rather dark things about this New Moon, then. All the usual scary Scorpio crap. It’s important to keep in mind that A. It’s a wide orb and out of sign, too, which reduces the effect quite a bit, and B. Not everything Scorpio is dark and negative, you know?


Scorpio is feisty, enrgetic, intense, sure. Why can’t that be fabulous? We’re talking Jupiter here, and I love lunar cycles aspecting Jupiter. Nothing better to boost sagging spirits. Scorpio isn’t lighthearted or superficial, which means any good vibes experienced will have substance. How is that a bad thing?


Libra is ruled by the love, aesthetics and money planet Venus. At the New Moon, Venus will be at 6 degrees Libra. Venus rules the sign of Libra so Venus is said to be in domicile, aka right at home. Social graces and decorum should be given due respect. I know this is a Thursday, but really this looks like the kind of day you’d like to treat as a Saturday night. Day-drinking optional… remember to remain polite company! Imagine a party where everyone is celebrating in defiance of the pain they’re suffering elsewhere in life – you’re going to deal with realities of life regardless, why not smile and dance anyway?


The New Moon will be in exact opposition to Uranus retrograde at 26 degrees Aries. This, too, you’ll see described as a negative aspect. Well, oppositions can be tough. But they play out on an axis and in everyday life that axis tends to be other people. Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, Libra the sign of partnerships, relationships and “other”; expect surprises to manifest all around you in others.


There’s many ways that can play out. Someone can shock the hell out of you, for sure. That can be scary but it can just as easily be a wonderful surprise; there’s no guarantee of which way it can go. Removes the element of surprise, right? You could unexpectedly hear from someone you’d forgotten about, or whom you’d hoped had forgotten about you. You could find a relationship or alliance dissolves… but this is a New Moon, the first to conjunct the energy-shifting Jupiter in Scorpio, so more than a few people will be suddenly meeting a new person to facilitate mutual depth exploration. That too can be fun and simultaneously substantial.


The New Moon in Libra sextiles Saturn at 23 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn stabilizes, firms up and reality checks. The harmonious sextile will go a long way towards keeping the wild influence of Uranus from getting out of control. Unexpected “chance” meetings with people, or fateful encounters, are meant to do more than shock – they are to serve some bigger purpose, so pay attention!


It’s a big, active, dynamic New Moon and one that can knock you sideways… you may be thankful for that!


2 thoughts on “New Moon In Libra October 19th, 2017: Wild Fun!

  1. The second I published this article, I heard a cat shriek louder than a banshee and looked outside to see a black cat running into the dark screaming. Make of that what you will.

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