Astro Space Weather for October 2017

Horoscope astrology predictions october
Timelapse by Jeffrey Tsang 


October is a month that sees each week behaving as a changing of the guards. This isn’t chaotic change such as we experience during eclipse season, but an accelerated unfolding of nature’s own rhythym. Lots of sequential movement.


October 1st – 8th


The big events are the Aries Full Moon and the Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo on Thursday, October 5th, covered here.


October 8th is a day to pay careful attention to. The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 15 degrees Libra (3:53 PM CST) in a tight square to Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn. This is the only major aspect the Sun and Mercury make at their conjunction and it’s a big deal. The Aries Full Moon just a few days previous will have illuminated Plutonic themes of death, destruction, decay, power used and abused, control, ugly secrets. The Sun-Mercury conjunction square Pluto similarly shines a light on these themes but with added extroverted energy. Expect much more active and aggressive action, particularly verbal. Heated, argumentative and contentious.


Also on October 8th Venus in Virgo perfects a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus isn’t great in Virgo and sometimes is even a bit scandalous; square Saturn it reminds us that things that bring us temporary happiness (Venus) often come at great cost (Saturn) or just aren’t realistic. Don’t be surprised to see people turning cold… hey, it’s better than exploding!


October 9th – 16th


While the Sun perfects its conjunction to Mercury on October 8th, the Sun and Mercury perfect their squares to Pluto October 9th. This day also sees Mars in Virgo beginning to square Saturn in Sagittarius, which will be exact on October 11th. Mars square Saturn is hard working and tough, but often because it finds it necessary. Not a fun aspect and one that often shows difficulty in achieving, bigger than usual obstacles, tension, frustration, anger and even outright cruelty. Watch for health issues and nervous strain as much as bad moods and temper flares.


October 10th sees a major long term change as Jupiter enters Scorpio, read full article here. Scorpio is governed by the planet Pluto, and immediately we come to see the big picture behind the events occuring at the Aries Full Moon and the Sun-Mercury conjunction, both of which squared Pluto. Jupiter in Scorpio isn’t a bad thing, but immediately the temperature changes and we know we’re not in Kansas anymore…


Venus perfects an opposition to Chiron in Pisces October 10th as well and besides creating awkward beauty or social blunders, it reminds us of old romantic wounds that still hurt. A day of swimming in deep emotional currents!


Mars in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces from October 13th-15th and while this too will be aggravating sore points, it is also an aspect of new and interesting discoveries; oppositions tend to play out with others so watch the roles people are playing here to see where the discoveries will surface.


Saturday October 14th Venus enters its domicile (home sign) of Libra (5:11 AM CST) where it will stay until November 7th. Venus in Libra sets about shaking off the social and aesthetic funk it’s been in and restores grace and decorum. Behave and dress accordingly!


October 17th – 23rd


Communication planet Mercury will leave its home sign of Libra and enter Scorpio October 17th (2:59 AM CST) where it remains until November 5th. Mercury immediately builds towards a conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio which perfects the next day; voices from the underworld given a megaphone!


The New Moon in Libra takes place October 19th and will get its own write up, per usual.


The changing of the guards continues when Mars enters Libra October 22nd (1:29 PM CST) where it remains until December 9th. Mars is weak in Libra, known to be passive-aggressive and sly. However, after the rather over the top eclipse season that was so strongly inflamed by Mars in fiery Leo, there’s something to be said for being passive-aggressive rather than aggressive-aggressive! A weak Mars is obnoxious but less intense overall.


The Sun enters Scorpio October 22nd/23rd (0:27 AM CST on the 23rd) and along with Mercury and Jupiter the mood turns a focus on subtleties and subplots.


October 24th – 31st


Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces from October 23rd-24th which is a lovely aspect for communicating ones soul. There is a healthy desire to see the bigger spiritual picture, and consuming media and materials meant to encourage soul growth is recommended. Watch out for “fated” conversations.


The Sun conjuncts Jupiter October 26th for a day of much bigger conscious expansion. Whatever is happening in your life around the time of the Mercury-Neptune trine and Sun-Jupiter conjunction is meant to serve as lessons in sensitivity to the otherwise unnoticed underpinnings of reality.


Mercury in Scorpio perfects a sextile to Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Capricorn on Friday, October 27th; the same day sees Venus in Libra square Pluto. The underworld gets noticed in a big way again. Venus square Pluto can see old lovers resurface, or expose unhealthy behavior in existing relationships. Mercury sextile Pluto is not a hard aspect but nonetheless prone towards obsessive thought patterns. This is a tangled web of a day where our intimate lives are concerned.


We close out the month with Venus strong in its own sign Libra sextile (harmonious aspect) the North Node in Leo. Not an earth-shattering aspect but it is auspicious and can show an easy, effortless flow that would behoove folks to take advantage of.


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