Full Moon In Pisces September 5th/6th, 2017: Out Of The Shadows

Full Moon Pisces September 5th 6th meaning

The Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces of September 5th-6th (technically September 6th at 2:02 AM CST) is notable for being the first lunation to occur after the spectacular eclipse season of August, notably the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st aka “The Great American Eclipse”. That eclipse took place at 28 degrees Leo; September 5th Mercury retrograde ends at 28 degrees Leo, “triggering” the eclipse at the same time we experience the first lunation since then. This looks to me like a lot of things hiding in the shadows recently will suddenly show their face.


Not that the things lurking in the background will be any easier to understand just because they are out in the open more. The Full Moon in Pisces would be potentially confusing and murky enough as is, but this Full Moon conjuncts Neptune, planet of illusions, disillusionments and disappearing acts. The Full Moon opposing the Sun in Virgo squares Saturn at 21 degrees Sagittarius, forming a mutable T-square; the sudden uncertainty in sorting through the newly discovered but still vague information makes it hard to act. Full Moons in Pisces tend to be associated with endings or “letting go”, but here its hard to do so without knowing fully what is transpiring.


It’s a good Full Moon, then, to know your limits and let go of what is simply out of your control. Not that we should remain passive in the face f what we’re being shown, but the saying “sometimes you have to lose battles to win the war” applies here. Some things aren’t worth the fight and you’re better for yielding to that.


The conjunction to Neptune in Pisces and the sextile to Pluto retrograde at 16 degrees Capricorn does make this a highly empathic, intuitive, psychic Full Moon – listen to your gut and work with your dreams.


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