Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Visionaries On Fire!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aquarius Leo August 7th


Eclipses are always a bumpy ride. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses, while not as intense as New Moon Solar Eclipses, still tend to be agitating and disruptive, bringing long lasting changes. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses bring cycles to their conclusion or to their fulfillment, so as to allow the new beginnings that start under New Moon Solar Eclipses. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius of Monday, August 7th, 2017 (1:11 PM CST exact) is a highly exciteable, potentially volatile eclipse that challenges us to fight fire with cool reasoning.


The Sun at 15 degrees Leo will be conjunct Mars at 11 degrees Leo. Mars opposing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can show a variety of martial motifs: issues involving heart health and physical stamina, sexual expression, energetic effectiveness or lack thereof, the masculine force inside us all. Mars opposing the Full Moon is mostly indicative of fights – verbal or physical. Mars is the war planet and the opposition shows if we’re not the ones looking for a fight, the fight will still find us. Pick and choose your battles wisely!


Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, not comfortable with sudden changes or losing hard-won ground. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, however, shows a cycle of endings. Much of the anger and frustration felt under this eclipse will stem from the resistance to change that is inevitable. Eclipses are sometimes by themselves out of control anyway; this is a particularly unpleasant feeling under fixed sign eclipses.


This is also a South Node eclipse, meaning that in order for us to see what needs to go, we must first get slapped in the face with lots of ugly detritus. It’s not a fun chore, having our faults and weaknesses thrown in our face… this is something we must suck up to and accept it’s part of a natural rhythm and better for us in the long run.


Leo rules the heart – both the physical and emotional hearts. Aquarius rules the head – intellectual, cerebral, scientific. Leo is fiery hot and passionate, Aquarius cool and detached. The opposition at this eclipse is a challenge to find the right balance between head and heart. To find balance, we’re often forced to see the imbalance; so expect situations where there is too much hot blooded emotions running the show, preventing rational thought prevailing, and situations where there is too much cold calculation, not enough soulful human(e) warmth. It is not healthy to use head over heart and vice versa.


I must issue the warning that eclipses involving Mars are hot blooded and contentious enough to represent actual danger and harm, and we should all keep safety at the ront of our thinking all of August but especially at the eclipses (the second eclipse is the (in)famous New Moon Total Solar Eclipse aka The Great American Eclipse of August 21st).


Where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius really shines is giving us a glimpse of the future even as it’s bringing existing cycles to their fruition. Aquarius’ modern ruler Uranus will have stationed retrograde just a few days prior, giving us the opportunity to see old problems with new, detached perspective. The eclipse trines Jupiter at 17 degrees Libra, which for many will keep the mood buoyant enough to offset the harshness of the martial Leonine drama. It will also help achieve the balance (Libra) sought out by the opposition between Sun (heart/Leo) and Full Moon (head/Aquarius). The eclipse will also trine Saturn retrograde at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Real time, real life teacher (Saturn) giving us lessons in expanding (Jupiter/Sagittarius) our visions of the future (Aquarius) ahead of us once the necessary old cycles die away (South Node). It’s better to embrace the electrical storm under way than to stubbornly fight it (Mars in fixed Leo).


Those of you with planets or angles – ascendant, descendant, Midheaven and/or IC – between 12-18 degrees of Leo and Aquarius will feel this eclipse the strongest; be prepared for your life to get a makeover whether you’re ready or not. Folks with planets or angles at these same degrees of Taurus or Scorpio can expect to take a hit too. The nature of the planets, angles and houses affected by the eclipse will tell you more about what to expect.


Here’s a quick guide on finding where eclipses occur in your chart if you’re not familiar with them.


One thought on “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Visionaries On Fire!

  1. I keep reading about august being an interesting month (to put it mildly). Luckily I don’t have the eclipse hitting angles (but I know who does and I’ll be keeping an eye to see what happens). Unfortunately though, I have Mars at 16 degrees Aquarius. I don’t like the idea of possible violence happening, whether verbal or actual.

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