Astro Space Weather: August 2017

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Sign by Adam Garcia


The month of August will be a strange tangible mix of excitement, anticipation, fear, dread, and adrenaline. What else can you do but go ahead and jump into the fire?


August 1st – 6th


Venus entered Cancer July 31st until August 25th, adding a much needed sweet emotionality to the air. Venus in Cancer is highly sensitive and easily hurt, however, which doesn’t mesh well with the other harsh dominating themes of the month. It’s important to hit the right delicate, empathic emotional notes this month or risk hurt feelings and resentment.


The first month of August is under the influence of Jupiter in Libra square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, exact August 4th at 17 degrees each sign. This is a gamblers aspect – meaning there’s much to be won and probably more to be lost, depending on how one handles this. There’s danger in playing it sage when you should be risking some, and greater danger in really over playing your cards. Jupiter is excess and Pluto extremism; one should seize the day and all that under such an aspect but you won’t know when you’ve gone too far until you’re already there.


Jupiter = big, Pluto = other people’s money. Equal chance of big wins and windfalls as there is of acquiring enormous debt and overestimating fiscal health and stability.


Uranus stations retrograde August 2nd/3rd at 28 degrees Aries, lending an air of restless unpredictability. “Expect the unexpected” is the mantra of Uranus, and why you shouldn’t be too confident in whether you’re winning or losing at the beginning of the month.


August 7th – 13th


August 7th is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, read the full length article here. Obviously, a volatile and uncertain atmosphere and continually building in intensity as the month progresses. Mercury in Virgo sextiles Venus in Cancer and the Sun in Leo sextiles Jupiter in Libra on August 9th/10th; both are subtly upbeat mood boosters and should help take the edge off the fallout of the eclipse. Ditto Venus in Cancer trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces August 11th/12th, which provides romantic escapism and daydreaminess.


Mercury stations retrograde at 11 degrees Virgo on August 12th (the retrograde ends September 5th). You’ll want to have as much paperwork and communications finished as you can by the time this thing starts, so you’re not trying to renegotiate agreements or amend something you said under such a stressed sky.


August 14th – 20th


Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn August 14th/15th, bringing old lovers or love patterns back from the dead. Be careful not to fall back into unhealthy romantic behaviors! Venus-Pluto can also indicate obsession in love matters, whether it’s obsessing over an ex, worrying about the secrets of your current partner, or dwelling on your unhappiness or lack of love in your life. Whatever the case may be, oppositions tend to play out between us and other people so be prepared for someone to serve as a catalyst for rehashing emotional memories.


The Sun conjuncts the North Node at 24 degrees Leo and opposes the South Node at 24 degrees Aquarius on August 16th; the Nodes are eclipse points and so we start to experience the unfolding of the August 21st eclipse here. The roller coaster ride really begins!


Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra August 16th/17th and provides a lot of upbeat fun and humor and sparkle. For a moment, the drama seems fun! Ditto Mars in Leo sextile Jupiter August 19th/20th, which can bring a positive anticipation of the changes swiftly occuring.


August 21st – 31st


August 21st is the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse aka The Great American Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. Some people are probably tired of hearing so much about this eclipse for so long in advance. Well… it will live up to the hype. A full length article will soon follow. The Sun enters Virgo at 5:20 PM CST on August 22nd, which will probably see much more political commotion than the actual day of the eclipse since 0 degrees Virgo is now where fixed star Regulus is located. The drama will not die down very quickly!


It’s very unsettled but there’s still positive excitement in the air mixed in with the tension. Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries August 23rd/24th and trines Chiron in Pisces around the same time. Both should bring unusual but exciting elements of healing our hearts while detaching from emotional entanglements. There’s a tricky balance here between remaining emotionally and financially independent, and surrendering enough of our independence to allow others to help.


Mars in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius August 21st/22nd, as Saturn stations direct August 25th (21 degrees Sagittarius, 7:08 AM CST). Mars trine Saturn in fire signs is a greatly focused use of high energy, able to accomplish much and over the long term as well. I don’t typically recommend starting new projects so soon following an eclipse, but this time I think new endeavors can go the distance.


Once Saturn stations direct August 25th, a lot of the responsibilities we’ve been shirking up until now will have to be dealt with, so expect to stay very busy at the end of the month or else you’ll fall quickly behind.


Venus enters Leo August 25th (11:30 PM CST until September 19th, and once again the times we’re living in demand sizzle and flair and flamboyancy. Venus in Leo is a good time for a good time, make time for it even if you’ve got bigger issues facing you in the aftermath of the eclipse.


Speaking of, Mars conjuncts the North Node in Leo August 25th/26th. Remember, the Nodes are eclipse points and Mars is going to touch this like water touches a live wire. I’m expecting a lot of the potential martial intensity of the August 21st eclipse to unfold when Mars hits the Nodes. Be careful and vigilant! The Sun conjunct Mercury Rx at 3 degrees Virgo August 26th means we won’t have to wait to see and hear what’s up, it will all tumble out in quick succession.


Jupiter in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius from August 21st until September 2nd but is exact August 27th, 7:15 AM CST. Careful and prudent planning pays dividends, so don’t be so caught up in the temporary drama that you lose your sense of long term vision and sensibility.


Mercury retrogrades to 29 degrees Leo August 31st, again setting off the fallout of the eclipse and setting the media afire with world news. Keep in mind that it’s a retrograde period, and what is thought to be true might not be when the retrograde ends so don’t invest too much in the hype and spin.


2 thoughts on “Astro Space Weather: August 2017

  1. Your analysis of August and the Eclipse period is the best I’ve read anywhere! Hands down. So straight forward and not missing a beat. I’m glad you think long term endeavors that are started after the Eclipses and even w/ Mercury RX can stay the distance. To me, it seems that there are such exceptionally potent energies at play this month and next that much will carry through and be then labelled, “New Life.” 🙂

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