New Moon In Leo July 23rd, 2017: A Real Showstopper!

New Moon Leo July 2017 astrology meaning

In keeping with the theme for July set by the previous Full Moon, the New Moon at 0 degrees Leo on Sunday, July 23rd (4:46 AM CST) will be bringing fireworks. However, this Leo New Moon is as much about love as it is about war; actually, it will be bringing both to the main stage. Expect a lot of theater and drama to externalize as this New Moon is applying to a conjunction to Mars at 1 degree Leo. Hot blooded!


The conjunction to Mars and a tight square to Uranus at 28 degrees Aries ties personal and global narratives together. Mars-Uranus is an aspect that often indicates danger; at the individual level, be careful while driving and when around sketchy people or situations, and prepare for drama or beefs to take on a life of their own. Globally, I don’t like saying this but this is one of those potential “shots fired” headlines. In less dangerous news, stories of sabotage should surface.


The positives that will come from the New Moon and Mars at the first degrees of Leo square Uranus and trine Chiron in Pisces are that of harnessing and focusing attention from groups of people on subjects worthy of the spotlight. This is in no way a modest or demure lunation; it will get seen and heard and as such one can use it to dazzle. Sometimes we can use positive feedback and constructive, healthy ego boosts, why not try to get your talents or potential noticed?


As such, this is a great New Moon for anyone in artistic or creative fields. Here, though, there is also potential for backstabbing, jealousy, conflict and claws coming out. Some people don’t need bigger egos than they already have but they, too, want some of the spotlight…


Given that this is on a weekend, so long as one is able to avoid hotheaded people and situations it can be a really fun time to kick up your heels and let your hair down. However, the “Lights! Camera! Action!” vibe and unexpected plot twists courtesy of Mars square Uranus probably won’t allow anyone to completely avoid the drama…


That said, Mars will also be conjunct the August 21st New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, aka “The Great American Eclipse”; while this is at the later degrees of Leo we should get enough of a foreshadowing here at the July 23rd 0 degrees Leo New Moon to consider it the first act to the eclipse’s finale. Also relevant: Mercury will enter its retrograde shadow the following day at 28 degrees Leo, the degree of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, and this too will bring a harbinger if what’s to unfold at the global level.


As previously mentioned, watch your heart health too!


Read here to find this New Moon in your chart.


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