Full Moon In Capricorn July 8th-9th, 2017: Unleashing The Hell Hounds

Astrology full moon Capricorn July 2017 gilded splinters
Art by Adam S. Doyle


Sometimes you just look at a Full Moon and know why the word lunacy shares the same root word as lunation. The Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn of July 8th/9th (exact July 8th at 11:07 PM CST) is opening the gates of… somewhere dark, deep down below. The Full Moon is in fall in Capricorn, not feeling at home here anyway. The Sun at 17 Cancer will be widely conjunct fixed star Sirius (given how bright Sirius is, I’m generous with the orb here); the Full Moon will be tightly conjunct Pluto retrograde at 18 degrees Capricorn. Both Sun and Moon square Jupiter at 13 degrees Libra, forming a configuration known as a cardinal T-square. Layers and layers of energy and intensity. And you better believe it’s pissed off, rage filled energy with Mars included at 22 degrees Cancer, also in the sign of its fall and struggling to find healthy expression. Mars is conjunct fixed star Pollux, known for telling stories most would rather not hear (Julian Assange has Mercury conjunct Pollux, for example).


Interestingly, these fixed stars involved in the lunation are dog-stars and have been known to play a role in actual dog bite incidents (fair warning: don’t piss off any dogs). Imagine the rabid barking of hell hounds and you have an idea of the energy circulating in the psychosphere at this Full Moon. Visceral, raw, primal, potentially dangerous and destructive.


I’ve written before about Sirius and the dog days of summer in context of the cardinal T-square:


“…the astrological view of Sirius (and the other dog stars located in Cancer such as Procyon) is that of agressive bark, bite, and a nose for the scent of great things looming on the horizon. Sirius is the dog star pointing towards Orion and Procyon the smaller puppy pointing towards Sirius – sniffing out new opportunities. Combined with the scorching star light comparable only to the Sun, and you see why Sirius is a sometimes too-hot-to-handle marker for success and achievement as well as major burn-outs and blow ups.


Mars opposing Pluto is a destructive force of nature; square Jupiter in Libra means there is some powerful rebalancing, restructuring coinciding with the tearing down process. This cardinal T-square involving Sirius will light a match to the individual and collective powder kegs.


Sirius is considered to be of the nature of Jupiter and Mars so inherent to this star is a tendency towards rashness – pushing too hard, too fast.


The Full Moon conjunct Pluto opposing Mars and in a cardinal T-square will be dredging up a lot of hidden uglies to the surface in both individual lives and public arenas. Watch out for: secrets becoming public, storylines taking dramatic and unexpected twists, people acting out their anger, potential acts of violence, circumstances taking on a life of their own and becoming uncontrollable.


The upside to this – and yes, there’s an upside – is that should one be in need of getting something off their chest, or getting a stagnant situation unstuck, or unresolved matters resolved, this Full Moon acts as dynamite to open roads and bust through blockages. A little carefully directed righteous rage is called for now and again.


And, despite the angry atmosphere, the square to Jupiter is a gamblers aspect, meaning if you play your cards right you can go through a fire and land on your feet. It does take knowing the difference between assertive boldness and reckless stupidity.


Mars in Cancer conjunct Pollux opposing Pluto is potential for reckless stupidity fueled by anger, so this is definitely not the weekend for travel or being around dangerous people or places (or dogs… I’m serious about that one).


There is a sweet, harmonious trine to Neptune at 14 degrees Pisces which seems almost absurd to point out in context of everything else in this Full Moon. However, Neptune can be the ace in the hole – Neptune is known for escapism; you’ll know who’s pissed off and gnashing teeth, this isn’t subtle influences we’re talking about here. Neptune can help you just slip away if need be and if you’re aware of the need…


Underneath all the lunatic external manifestations, the aspects to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are ones such as I detailed before that lend themselves to psychic dreams and spot-on intuitive information. The sensitive among you might be shook up or overwhelmed by the intensity, but if you don’t fight it you can receive unusual insights into subjects that are usually too occult, dark, painful or otherwise protected from disclosure in mundane life.


Read here if you need help finding this Capricorn Full Moon in your chart!


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