Astro Space Weather: July 2017

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Collage by Joseba Elorza


The month of July is nothing if not exciting – even if not always exciting for the right reasons. An ongoing grand trine in the fire signs – Uranus in Aries, Mercury, Mars, Sun and North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius – provides enthusiasm and optimism in spades!


All the fire signs exhibit an innocent and almost childlike openness to adventure and new possibilities. Whatever crap life throws your way, the fire signs are sure it’s just an aberration and not really how life is supposed to be. There’s eternal faith that something better is in store somewhere. Coming off of literally years of brutal cycles in rapid succession, the grand fire trine this summer should do a lot to restore basic optimism that life is still ok, we’re still ok. The astrological fire emphasis coinciding with summer makes me think of the ways fire itself is used in summertime: campfires, bonfires, fireworks, grilling and barbecuing. The innocence of the season is as great a time as any to rekindle the flames of innocent joy.


This is most true in July during Cancer season, as Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and associated with home, hearth, family, food, roots, heritage, national heritage and heartland. Never a better time to focus on the simple perennial joys of living, the small comforts. Cancer is also a sign that is aware of the darker depths but will go to great lengths to remain blissfully unaware of them – a major misstep at this point in time.


However, mixed in with this joie de vivre are strikingly different motifs of anger, passion, betrayal, and danger. It’s as if just when we think we’re safe, we find out how bad it can get – and when we’ve braced for the worst, we’re reminded of the good in life again.


Here’s a breakdown:


July 1st – 9th


The month is going to start off rough, folks. Chiron stations retrograde at 28 degrees Pisces early July 1st (2:09 AM CST) and brings a lot of pain to the surface while simultaneously internalizing the pain. Themes to expect under this station period: feeling the bigger collective suffering; feeling alone, marginalized, cut off from sources of love and happiness; reliving painful memories; self sabotaging/masochistic behavior; a strong feeling something isn’t right but not being able to put a name to any of these very odd feelings. People with late degree mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces – in their chart will feel this the deepest but you’re going to see this affecting everyone to some extent.


At the same time Chiron stations retrograde, we have a building cardinal T-square that turns into a cardinal grand cross July 1st – 2nd with the Moon in Libra taking turns squaring the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter at 13 degrees Libra, square Pluto at 18 Capricorn, and opposing Uranus at 28 degrees Aries. The opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn is exact the morning of July 2nd. I really don’t like the look of anything in this configuration, to be honest; it has “trouble” written all over it. Mars is weak in Cancer and applying to an opposition to Pluto is scary and yet the strongest aspect in this cardinal T-square/grand cross. Expect people to be very pissed off and screaming, driving crazy, throwing punches… mentally unstable people will be acting out this tension in destructive ways, so if someone or a situation feels “off” please obey your primal instincts.


Yes, cardinal signs are the go-getters of the zodiac and yes, cardinal T-squares/grand crosses are great for getting things moving, unstuck. But this just looks like a lot of shit stirring; gunpowder waiting for a tiny spark…


Once past all that mess, Venus leaves its home sign Taurus and enters multifaceted Gemini late on July 4th (7:11 PM CST) where it will stay until July 31st. Venus in Gemini is great for putting creative and tactful spins on our communications and superficial interactions, utilize this time for talking to “the right people”.


Mercury enters Leo on July 5th, 7:20 PM CST. Mercury will stay in Leo until July 25th; however, Mercury will enter its retrograde shadow July 24th at 28 degrees Leo and move back into Leo in September when the Mercury retrograde ends (the Mercury retrograde will be from August 12th – September 5th). This month, while Mercury is direct in Leo, communications will be very much a LOOK AT ME energy; give attention to the people wanting your attention or else expect them to feel sore about it.


The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto July 8th – 9th and expect many of the intense events that started the month off to resurface; a score settled. Late July 8th/early July 9th is a whopper of a Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and in a cardinal T-square configuration. This too is not something to play around with (detailed article here).


Folks with cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – in the mid to late degrees in their charts need to pay particularly close attention to health, safety and wellbeing and find appropriate outlets for the high energy running through you.


July 10th – 16th


By and large, this period is uneventful and quiet. After the intense beginning of the month, take time to chill and appreciate the calm! A sextile between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Libra on July 14th looks fun, funny, witty and intellectually stimulating. If nothing else, it should cheer people up!


July 17th – 23rd


Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries exact July 17th, though we’ll feel it a day or two in advance. While the Mars-Pluto opposition at the beginning of the month brings major control issues, power struggles, and destructive tendencies, this Mars-Uranus square is much more spontaneous, reckless, and impulsive. Expect the unexpected but expect it to be surprising! This is one of those aspects that can make travel dangerous, also a time to avoid bad neighborhoods and bad people. Don’t push buttons… even something like giving a loved one an ultimatum can backfire.


The good news here is that Mars will also trine Neptune in Pisces exact July 18th, and a lot of the wounds relived or newly inflicted that were experienced at the beginning of the month can heal nicely here, restoration of mind and body.


Venus in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra on July 18th, Mercury in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius July 19th. This is a brief and subtle yet very positive time that favors making sound financial decisions.


Mars enters Leo July 20th (7:20 AM CST) where it stays until September 5th. This energy will make life in general seem to take on a sense of grandeur and flamboyancy and largesse, in all ways good and not-so-good. Mars in Leo is involved in the next three lunations, including the two major eclipses in August so we’ll really feel the world stage heating up and feel the drama of the larger theater trickling down into our individual lives.


The same day Mars enters Leo, the Sun in Cancer will square Uranus in Aries exact at 28 degrees each sign. This is one of those days I warned about that could cause issues in folks with heart or vascular troubles. Please read the full length article here for a more detailed look at why I think heart health should be a focus this summer.


Mercury will conjunct the North Node in Leo July 20th – 22nd and as the Nodes are eclipse points I’m expecting a taster of what’s to come in August.


The Sun enters Leo July 22nd, 10:15 AM CST and it’s officially Leo season. Get your hair and attitude right! July 23rd is the New Moon at 0 degrees Leo involving Mars; expect bigger fireworks than the 4th of July.


July 24th – 31st


As mentioned above, Mercury enters its retrograde shadow at 28 degrees Leo on July 24th. This is the exact degree of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse aka the “Great American Eclipse” of August 21st. Mercury entering the retrograde shadow at this degree gives us very mixed messages in the affairs that will unfold at the eclipse; while it will definitely help unfold the bigger storyline, details become blurry even in the retrograde shadow so one must use discernment to decide what is smoke and what really is the fire. Quite literally, a lot of hot air will be blown around and one shouldn’t invest fully in the dramatic distractions.


Travel will be a bigger than usual danger during this Mercury retrograde and if one can postpone their travel plans starting here at the retrograde shadow, I’d highly recommend it.


Mercury enters Virgo July 25th (6:41 PM CST) where it remains until August 31st. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo and has keen analytical skills, even when a retrograde makes the process a real chore. The challenge here, with so much Leo energy building into the August eclipses, is to actually utilize the skillful acumen of Virgo in separating useful info from useless fluff and distraction. For sure, it’ll be a chore and a challenge by months end to make level-headed decisions and use critical thinking skills.


Venus in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces by months end, exact July 29th. Love hurts, and you’ll remember why. Venus enters Cancer July 31st (9:54 AM CST) where it stays until August 25th and we close the month on a wave of mixed emotions and mixed messages.



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