The Outlook For The Second Half Of 2017

2017 Gilded SPLINTERS


Quick summary of the major astrological events still ahead as we enter the second half of what will be a very memorable year.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo & Virgo


Mercury’s next retrograde will occur between August 12th and September 5th, starting at 11 degrees Virgo and ending at 28 degrees Leo. Mercury is at home in Virgo, the sign it rules, so this retrograde might start off more tolerable than most. However, the closer to the end of the retrograde the more dramatic it becomes, as it’s going to station direct at the same degree as the August 21st New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. Read below to grasp the magnitude of the eclipse, then understand this Mercury retrograde will be both delivering the news and screwing it up at the same time.


The “Great American Eclipse” & An Eventful Late Summer


The shadow of the August 21st eclipse will fall across the heartland of the U.S., which is why you’ll see astronomers referring to it as “The Great American Eclipse”. It is the first such eclipse to shadow America since 1918 but that last eclipse shadow extended beyond American soil – the last eclipse that touched American soil only was way back in 1257…


Astrologically, this eclipse is indeed enormous in the future of the United States, as it will impact the Sibley chart, aka the country’s “birth chart”, in a big way. The Great American Eclipse will be “great” the way earthquakes are great in their magnitude; the unleashing of tremendous raw power and energy. It will also eclipse our current sitting president as well as many others in office. The reason for this is because the late degrees of Leo are an extremely common denominator in the charts of political leaders and charts of countries overall.


The fixed star Regulus is now located at 0 degrees Virgo, but in the previous century it was at 28/29 degrees Leo and thus the reason for the final degrees of Leo giving notability and notoriety when prominent in a chart. There has historically been strong ties between Regulus and military generals. Suffice to say here that the North Node conjunct Regulus could see an advancement in the storyline of military action around the world. This is not to say total war will break out but this is a time to closely watch in regards to what is being orchestrated by military leaders. The North Node at the mundane level often just indicates fatedness; Regulus lifts kings up and robs others of their crowns. Honor and pride are at stake and people will act accordingly.


While Regulus may now be at 0 degrees Virgo, this eclipse occurs at 28 degrees Leo and will eclipse the area of the zodiac where Regulus used to be, where it is in charts of older adults and countries. For the U.S., this “Great American Eclipse” will oppose the Moon in the Sibley chart. The polarity of this eclipse occurs along America’s 3rd/9th house axis, with the eclipse itself falling in the Sibley chart’s 9th opposing the 3rd house Aquarius Moon. The 9th is foreign lands and people, as well as religion and published “official” news/media. The 3rd house is our local neighborhoods, rumors, propaganda, transportation and the general “nervous system” of a country. It is also the house of documents relating to foreign countries (9th house).


If I were a betting person, I’d bet on either a new international agreement or a reworking of an old one with America as the catalyst. Within the U.S. I’d bet on uncovering information regarding help or harm from another country.


Just to name a few folks getting hit by this “American Eclipse” of August 21st: Donald Trump (conjunct his Mars-ascendant-Regulus conjunction); James Comey (conjunct his natal Uranus); Steve Bannon (conjunct his natal Pluto and Moon); Barack Obama (conjunct his natal Uranus and North Node); Theresa May (conjunct her natal Venus and Pluto); Emmanuel Macron (conjunct his natal Saturn); Narendra Modi (conjunct his Midheaven and opposing his Jupiter).


Countries within the EU that are affected include Northern Ireland (opposite the country’s Mars); Portugal (conjunct Midheaven). Countries outside North America & Europe eclipsed on August 21st: Israel (conjunct Mars); Ukraine (conjunct Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter!); Venezuela (conjunct Midheaven); Vatican City (conjunct Neptune).


That Other Eclipse Matters, Too


As much as will be made of the August 21st eclipse, the August 7th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius will be noteworthy as well.


People hit by this eclipse include Mike Pence (opposite his Uranus); Hillary Clinton (opposite her Mars-Pluto conjunction); Jeremy Corbyn (opposite his Pluto); Angela Merkel (opposing her Moon); Vladimir Putin (conjunct his North Node); Narendra Modi (opposing his Pluto).


Countries affected by this eclipse include Israel again (opposing Saturn & Pluto); Vatican City again (opposing Mars); Switzerland (opposing Jupiter); India (opposite Pluto, conjunct Venus & Jupiter); Russia (opposite Neptune); United Kingdom (conjunct Venus); the chart of the European Union (opposite ascendant/conjunct descendant).


Jupiter In Libra Conjuncts Spica


Coming so soon after eclipse season, this will be a breath of fresh air if you can catch it. Benefic Jupiter will be conjunct fixed star Spica in September, exact September 5th-6th. Spica is associated with incredible works or creativity, imagination, arts and sciences – the happy marriage of the left and right brains. Jupiter conjunct Spica is a definite rich, fertile time to seize hold of. Jupiter in Libra remain more or less in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius through August, and seen from a certain perspective this year remains a highly educational one, regardless of any pitfalls.


Jupiter enters Scorpio & Saturn enters Capricorn


We will close out 2017 on a very different vibe than the one we entered on, with Jupiter entering power, energy, and darkness conscious sign Scorpio on October 10th. Then, Saturn enters its own home sign Capricorn on December 19th. Jupiter in Scorpio adds a fixed quality, determined to stay a course and lose the flexibility and indecisiveness it had while in Libra. Saturn in Capricorn is strong cardinal energy, no time or energy left for the peripheral and trivial – stark reality laid bare is the order of the day and not much else. Capricorn is a sign associated with consequences and Scorpio of debt; the piper wants paid.


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