Heart Health During This Summer’s Leo Events

ASTROLOGY Gilded SPLINTERS Heart Health Summer
Sculpture by Jessica Lloyd-Jones

In medical astrology, Leo is the sign ruling the physical heart and vascular system. While the many Leo transits this summer should make it memorable for many wonderful reasons, it should be said that there is a greater risk than usual of developing or discovering heart health troubles. Here’s some quick info to keep in mind and hopefully keep you safe.


The North Node entered Leo on May 10th, at the anaretic degree since the Nodes travel backwards through the zodiac. Thus, the North Node will spend the entire summer in the final third decan of Leo – the one ruled by martial sign Aries. The North Node makes mostly harmonious aspects to other bodies in the sky this summer, which can lull people into a sense of well-being or satisfaction. However, we should never forget that the Nodes are eclipse points and carry tremendous energy when activated.


And activated they will be in August, this year’s eclipse season. The biggest of the eclipses is August 21st, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. However, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse preceding it on August 7th at 15 degrees Aquarius will strongly aspect Mars in Leo – the planet ruling the third decan of Leo occupied by the North Node. Same thing at the July 23rd New Moon at 0 degrees Leo tightly conjunct Mars at 1 degree Leo.


All other interpretations aside, these are events worth noting for their potentially detrimental effect on heart and vascular system and should not be ignored because you see them described in a positive light.


Other notable events and times – besides the Leo/Aquarius New and Full Moons/eclipses – that underscore the need to literally guard our hearts this summer:


  • Mercury enters Leo July 5th, stays until July 25th
  • Mars enters Leo July 20th, stays until September 5th – again, Mars is governing the third decan of Leo occupied by the North Node which holds the eclipse energy
  • Mercury conjuncts the North Node and opposes the South Node July 21st
  • Sun enters Leo July 22nd, officially starting Leo season
  • Uranus stations retrograde August 2nd/3rd – in medical astrology, Uranus governs electrical impulses in the body and thus most people connect it to the central nervous system. However, your heart is run by electrical impulses too and we often see Uranus involved in cardiac events
  • Sun in Leo touches off the North/South Nodes August 15th-17th
  • Mars sets off the Nodes August 25th-28th; remember what I said about Mars ruling the eclipse points!
  • Mercury retrograde re-enters Leo August 31st, stations direct in Leo September 5th, leaves Leo September 9th
  • Mercury conjuncts Mars in Leo September 2nd-4th


Leo is a dry, barren sign so in addition to the typical ways one would protect their heart don’t forget to guard against dehydration and heat exhaustion this summer, as our bodies are more susceptible this summer than most. The Mars influence also means high blood pressure, blood clots, nosebleeds, burns and injuries in general will occur more easily and more frequently.


I don’t write any of this to scare anyone – I’m writing this in advance of the literal heart of the cardiac health season in the spirit of “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”. If you or someone you know starts experiencing “minor” vascular issues or is at risk of a vascular event, don’t freak out but definitely don’t put off having it checked out, either.


It’s worth mentioning that the rule of thumb in medical astrology is to not treat or diagnose an issue when the Moon is in the sign ruling that particular issue – in this instance, since Leo rules the heart and vascular system, one would ideally try to avoid the Moon in Leo. Assuming you’re not putting yourself or someone else at risk by doing so, of course!


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