Full Moon In Sagittarius June 9th, 2017: Telling Shit From Shinola

Full Moon Sagittarius June 2017 astrology
Art by Michael Dandley

The old-timers will remember this saying: “you don’t know your shit from Shinola and that’s why your shoes don’t shine”. That’s the essence of the Full Moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius on June 9th (8:10 AM CST). Sagittarius is the sign of truth-telling -or the lack thereof- and the Full Moon in Sadge will be sextile its own ruling planet Jupiter, the planet of broadcasting information long distance. Question to ask ourselves at this Full Moon: what’s your broadcast? Who’s broadcast should you be tuning in to and who should you be tuning out?


Jupiter will be stationing direct at the time of this lunation (at 13 degrees Libra, 9:03 AM CST). This does help buoy the mood somewhat. However, the minefield here is the Full Moon will be applying to a conjunction to Saturn Rx at 24 degrees Sagittarius, and separating from a square to Neptune at 14 degrees Pisces.


The conjunction to Saturn is going to be tough. Saturn brings reality checks home – hard. Sagittarius is an essentially optimistic sign; with its ruling planet Jupiter turning direct and with a square from Neptune in Pisces, this looks to me like people overestimating what they can get away with and then getting knocked back down to earth with a thud. The opposition between the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about sharing information;  but square Neptune and sextile Jupiter there’s bound to be attempts at tall tales and misinformation. Saturn is useful here in that it helps cut through the crap – but it dissolves unrealistic dreams and ambitions, too.


Be careful you’re not broadcasting shit. Be careful you’re not misrepresenting your abilities. Be careful you’re not lying to your self or others about who you are or what you can do. Be careful you’re not buying into any hype about anyone or anything else, either.


What you can do instead is commit to doing better. Being more realistic about who you are and what you are not can bring relief – instead of struggling to hold on to information, perceptions and images that time is bound to see through.


Mantra: Whosoever exalts himself shall be abased; and whosoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” ~ Matthew 23:12



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